Friday, May 2, 2008

I "chose"...unfortunately

So as you may have noticed I haven't posted for a couple days. Yeah, see what had happened was... Well, I "chose" yesterday not to finish my workout and not to stay on plan. My excuse is that it is "that time" of the month when my cravings are on high. What is hilarious about the whole situation is what I ate. I ate my normal plan between 1300 and 1500 calories. Then, my body said it wanted sugar so what I ended up eating was a TON of Fiber One and Peanut butter, a fiber one bar and 8 fruit extra 600-700 calories. So I don't know what to say. Today is a new day and we move on. The scale will show us the damage tomorrow. Okay Sugar Plums, I'll talk to you tomorrow!

The rundown:

Exercise: Hip Hop Abs - Fat Burning Cardio 2

Food: B - SB Peanut Butter Bar, Yogurt, Fruit

L - NS Chicken Salad, Salad, Yogurt

MS - Yogurt, Fruit

D - Three Cheese Pasta, Salad

ES - White Cheddar Chips

Total Calories - 1315

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