Monday, March 31, 2008

Hip Hop Abs

So today I woke up at 8AM for the first time in 3 months! I started the first workout on the Hip Hop Abs series. Not only is it fun abd entertaining, but you get the work out too. Shaun T is hilarious. So I suppose, its off to work! HA! I mean, time to do the house work. So here is the rundown for the day.

Excersice: Hip-Hop Abs - Ab sculpt
Food: B - NS Peanut Butter Bar (++++), Fruit, Yogurt
L - NS Black Beans and Rice (++++), Salad, Yogurt
MS - Yogurt, Fruit
D - NS Chicken Florentine (++++), Broccoli, Salad
ES - NS Sour Cream Soy Chips (+++)

Total Calories: 1400

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back on NutriSystem!

Ok so today is the first day that I get to eat "real" food. I have planned out my food for the whole week! I am prepared! So today, I was SO tired. Doing the Power 90 workout was my first worout in 3 months. I had to get up and go to church though! Gotta get the spirit filled. Church was good, I'm feeling good, today is a nice day. I had NS Chocolate Chip granola bar (+++++), yougurt and some fruit for breaskfast. I had The NS chocolate milk drink (+++) a peice of of meat and salad for lunch. I will have yogurt and fruit for a snack and NS Pasta Fagioli (+++) salad and broccoli for dinner. To end it all I will have NS Carmel Crunch Popcorn (+++++) for "dessert." No workout today, its a rest day. 1400 Calories total intake.

Until tomorrow,

Happy Weightloss, hugs, and smooches!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I actually feel good!

Okay so day two is here! I wokeup this morning feeling great. I usually am a little sluggish getting out of bed, but I popped right up. It was 9:30, but I didn't go to bed last night til 1ish. This "FastForward" 2 day diet is no joke though. (Maybe thats how I dropped 3lbs in a day) I tried to see if there was anything "extra" in that juice because I don't feel hungry. Nope just vitamins and such. It must be a mind over matter deal. Anywoo. I am off to the gym now.

I am commited, I am strong, I can do this.

I worked out today for 35 minutes. A mash up of different things, Yoga, Cardio, light Plyo, to this tape called Power 90 express. It was cool, I have a lot of energy!

Friday, March 28, 2008

I start today

So today marks the beginning of my journey. I am the serial dieter you hear about. I have "tried" it all. Weight Watchers, LA Weightloss, Atkins, Nutrisystem you name it, chances are I have done it. The problem is I don't stick to it. There are several excuses, "I don't like the food," "It's not enough food," "I don't have the time" etc. So today I woke up and thought, "Hell lets give it one last go". I am not going to diet at least I'm not going to call it that. Out of all of the diets I have tried Nutrisystem (NS) worked the best. So I am going to restart it for a while and kick up my workouts.

I have gained A LOT of weight over the past 3 months. Its half my fault for making bad food choises and half the fact that I tore my Achilles tendon on January 27, 2007. So I have ben in a cast for the past few months not being too active. The change starts now. Each day I am commited to talk about how I feel, what I ate, and what excesie I did and for how long. I may focus on the how I feel part the most though. That I think is the link between me and food...Emotion. When I am sad, I eat. When I am happy, I eat. When I am nervous, I EAT. Basically whatever the occasion I eat. So, the hope is that I get the emotion out on this blog and not use food to cope.

I am going to upload my starting photo front and side today and give my measurements. After today I will do this every Saturday and hopefully we will see some progress. So here we go.

AAAAh you can totaly see my legs are different sizes. Hopefully they even out!

Size: 14/16
Weight: 227
Body fat percentage (according to scale): 58.7% EEEEK!!!
Neck: 16"
Chest: 44"
Waist: 46"
Hips: 47.5"
Right Mid-thigh: 24"
Left Mid-thigh: 26"
Right Upper Arm: 15.5"
Left Upper Arm: 15"

Today and tomorrow I am using my left over "FastForward" from LAWL. So I wont be logging food. Its just the jumpstart juice, Chicken and green veggies.