Saturday, February 21, 2009

The one I owe you & a special surprise

So this post is about a week late. I did a PT test a couple of weeks ago and MAN it kicked my butt! If you couldn't tell from my earlier posts I am OBSESSED with X-Weighted. So I decided that a good way to motivate myself was to "act" like I was on the show. I came up with the idea of taking professional "Before & After" pictures and doing a physical test "Before & After." So with Derek being in the Army stupid me thought "why don't I have him give me the PT test?" Well, he agreed and took me to the spot where they take their test and everything! I had to do push-ups, sit-ups and a ahem two mile run. The Army grades based on age and has lower standards for basic training than when you are in the Army so I figured my goal for this initial test would be to pass basic. I did really well! I passed at push-ups quite easily, and was two away from passing the sit-ups. The run is a whole different story. I was sucking on the run. I couldn't finish a half mile. I suppose that is fitting though. I did rupture my Achilles and its been less than a year since I had it repaired. Ironically though I know completely understand why Paul from X-Weighted HATES the elliptical and says its not natural. I feel like while doctors may say I couldn't finish because of my injury, that I couldn't finish because I spend most of my cardio time in the gym on the elliptical. Boy do I kick some tail on the elliptical, but that treadmill, it kicks my tail. So I decided to use the treadmill for cardio and do some weight lifting before my retrial in March. Well no sooner do I get back in the swing of things that BAM! I am hit with a blessed surprise...I AM PREGGERS!!! So know I am pretty much on a super light weight/cardio regimen until I have my first visit with the OB and she/he tells me what I can and can't do. I suppose my subscription to Muscle and Fit Hers will have to be Fit Pregnancy now. I am so excited and scared. This will be our first child. I will probably start a separate blog for the pregnancy, but I am considering keeping it all in one. I'm not sure yet. Anyhoo wanted to let you know why I hadn't posted since the last one. We've had a lot to take in. As always,


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finally I have a moment of peace...

...So I decided to hop on in and update everyone. I am doing shot to heck, but I am still sane. Work has been crazy. Trainings, IP meetings, and getting caught up with the mess that was left for me has been absolutely crazy. I have been working about 45-50 hours per week and those aren't even including the hours that I choose not to clock because I am salary and it doesn't matter anyway. I have a great job and am glad that I am now in a space where I can breathe. I missed yall and and back 100% committed. I started a new workout routine this week and will get back on the full diet plan on the 16th. I will fill you in on all the excitement that have been going through during the past month on Friday...Oh and I have to fill you in on how I did when I took the Army's PT test. You read it right I took the Army's PT test (Push-ups, Sit-ups, 2 mile run)...Repaired Achilles and all. I'll talk about that and my motivation to do it on Friday. Well, I just wanted to give a quick update. I am here, I am back and nothing should stop me from being active.