Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kinda like a myspace survey but not really!

Just in case you didn't know I am a myspace fiend. Only to stay in contact with people from back home. Well, and the occasional new friend I never have and never will meet but they want to add me and their page looks cool. favorite things are the surveys and my friends responses and responding to them so I suppose we can call this the bloggers version. The lovely Diana (Diana's Body Journey) posted this on her blog and I thought I'd give it a go...You know with the whole post or 60 squats per day deal I am totally a taker. So here are my answers to some questions.

I am obsessed with: Procedural Series(CSI {all of them}, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Cold Case etc.)

Cant live without: my faith, my husband, my mom and the Taylor side of my family. Without them I don't know what I'd do.

Am petrified of: Spiders!!! You have not seen a more hilarious reaction to an insect until you see me and a spider.

Am proud of: the woman I have become. With my circumstances growing up people say I shouldn't be a successful as I am. I take it as a challenge and make sure I exceed expectations.

Really need to: Have a spa day. Bliss spa is like 3 hours from here. I think I might make that trip for my b-day.

Don't get why: there is still racism and prejudice in the 21st century.

Think alternative medicine is: Great.

Relax by: Reading, surfing the 'net, lifting.

Am excited about: life! I am excited about whatever the future holds in store for me.

My worst vice is: Sour Candies and Comfort food.

Family is: what I live for.

Friends don't understand why: I don't lash out. I am a very even tempered person that is slow to anger. Don't get confused though when I am angry you don't want to be around me...not good.

Attitude to exercise is: I hate starting to work out, but 10 minutes in I don't want to stop. It's like a drug you ate doing it, but it feels really good after and you want more.

Relationship with my body: she and I have our good days and bad days. Sometimes I like it others I just want to go get lipo...but that's what the diet and exercise is for right?

If you like the survey feel free to swipe it. I look forward to seeing what your responses are.


Donnalouise, Donna or DC said...

I liked you comment about never getting but when you do, your friends don't know how to handle you. I'm the same way - very outgoing and happy-go-lucky. So when I have a quiet day, everyone wants to know what's wrong. It's weird!

Mrs. Skye-Lynn Young said...

Wow! I guess I picked the perfect day to find your blog with all of those wonderful responses! lol

Very interesting! I look forward to following you along your journey!

Diana said...

Awesome...thanks for playing along :) It's nice to get to know people on the little things we sometimes don't get to ask.

You're whole post had a richness and appreciation for everything. You seem like a really passionate person. E.G., that you're proud of the woman you've's not something a lot of people say. They usually say things they've done. It's great that you have that appreciation.