Tuesday, November 4, 2008


As I am typing on my tiny cellphone keyboard I am standing in line to make history. I don't care who you are voting for either way history is made! We have the potential to have our first black president or our first woman vice-president. All I keep thinking is WOW America has come really far! Let me tell you though, I am having to go through some things to do this yall. 1. I am missing a few hours of work...no big deal. 2. THE PERSON STANDING BEHIND ME FORGOT TO SHOWER THIS MORNING. 3. There is a lady trying to "subliminally" change people's vote. She is trying to swing folks in the direction I am going, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Excuse me will I ask her to stop..........OK I'm back. She had a fit, but understands where I am coming from. If you try to sway someone in line you are in essence representing the candidate and you could be turning this voter away from voting for our candidate with your tacktics...yes I know I spelled it wrong, but I am merging tacky and tactics together. Sigh...It is all worth it in the end though. My voice will be heard. Make sure yours is too, or else you can't complain about what will or won't happen in the next 2-4 years (depending on whether it's state or federal decisions).

As always,

Luv, hugs and smooches!!!!

Update: I forgot to tell yall I walked there and back. I was a little frustrated on the walk there, but I had that Kanye smile on the way back. I swear my neighbors now think I am crazy.


sybilizedliving.wordpress.com said...

Good on you for approaching the woman - I always hesitate to confront someone - wish I wasn't that way but I am.

Donnalouise, Donna or DC said...

Hi! Thanks for following my blog. Good post! I can't vote but am so proud of all the Americans that turned out this year to vote. Wonderful!

Diana said...

Good for you for voting and also for having the courage to stop the girl! :) I tend to get irritated and "want" to go the opposite way when people are manipulative...even if they're the best intentioned! Besides, everyone has the right to an opinion seperate from yours - a last ditch effort just seems insulting to others opinions.

I hope you are happy with the outcome!

Anonymous said...

Kudos on the voting! I worked the polls we had to turn away a few people for wearing visible sweatshirts for there choices. Love the passion, but can't be done in the voting place. So glad, so many participated!