Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am dragging today/Thanksgiving Plan/X-Weighted Family

Let me preface by saying I am tired, so there are probably lots of errors in spelling, grammar and/or punctuation.

As I type this I am watching my DVR'd episode of X-Weighted. Both husband and wife are trying to lose 60 pounds in 6 months...I hope the wife knows that men lose fat a heck of a lot faster than men do and doesn't get discouraged. I'll fill you in at the end of the post. Anyhoo, So today I woke up excited, happy, jovial etc...and then 10AM hit and BAM!!! Exhaustion. It very well could be the effects of "TOM," but regardless I am soooooo tired. I ate right today, but I couldn't finish my workout I just felt so weak. I am also trying to prepare for the monstrosity that is thanksgiving. All I can say is OMG!!! I have to make EVERYTHING!!! STRESSED, I AM. I have my two day plan mapped out for cooking so I should be OK. Now the eating part is a whole different story. I have to cook and there is an expectation of certain foods that are a must for Thanksgiving with my family. We are having the following:

(By the way we are Seahawks fans who live in Cowboy country I have especially picked out a seahawk blue and green outfit that I have specifically reserved for this day)

Appetizers for the game (3:00 - 4:30):
My Queso dip (has beef in it)
Derek's Clam Dip (REALLY GOOD)
Jalapeno poppers
Veggie Platter

So my plan for this time is to consume the veggies and I can have 13 chips 7 with salsa 3 with Queso 3 with Clam Dip at 1tsp per chip. I can say no to the poppers, but I am savoring every last chip. I figure this way I am getting the stuff that I want and know I can't say no to with out over indulging.

Dinner (4:30-6:00)
Gumbo - (I know it is not your typical Thanksgiving staple, but its a tradition in my family)
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Macaroni and Cheese
California Blend Veggies topped with Melted Cheddar (I am making my own without the cheese)
"Candied" Sweet Potatoes - A healthy recipe that uses roasted apples, 1/3 the sugar, 1/4 the butter
Buttermilk Biscuits
Green Bean Casserole (Derek is making this one, I don't like mushrooms and won't eat this
Cranberry Sauce

So my plan for this is that I have a Tweety Bird children's plate that I have been using for dinner . I am going to use this plate and my Tweety soup cup (gumbo) for thanksgiving. I get one plate of food and that's it! (Breaking news the husband is down 16 pounds in 5 weeks and the wife is down 14. The husband is ecstatic... the wife is in tears.) I have to figure out what ratio of each item I want such that I feel that I have gotten everything I wanted with out going over board. I get to have seconds of the following items: Turkey (no skin no gravy), Cali blend no cheese, the sweet potatoes and apples, maybe the greens too they are REALLY good and its still a veggie right? Even if they are cooked with Smoked pork? AAAAAAHHHHH! Anyway the gaol is one small plate and if I am still hungry only the healthy stuff.

BREAKING NEWS!!! At the 3 month weigh in Anthony (husband) has lost 36lbs Marichu (wife) lost 32...Marichu is not happy with her loss. This lady is crazy!!! She is unhappy because she didn't lose as much as she thought she should have. I wish you were watching this with me this woman is really unhappy with her success and is now upset because her husband has found activities that make him happy and she hasn't found anything she likes. They are not supporting each other at all and now that the weight is coming off their true issues are coming out. She is saying that if he continues his workouts that she will leave him! WOW!!!

Dessert (Before 8:00)

Pecan Pie
Red Velvet Cake
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Cinnamon Ice Cream

I get half slices and half scoops of each so in essence I am getting one dessert.

FYI If Jenny had her way I would be eating the Jenny Turkey and Gravy meal with two servings of Cali blend Veggies and a Jenny Lemon Cake with a cup of milk...I am strong, but not that strong, I mean gumbo people, GUMBO. I am however abstaining from all of the alcohol that will be flowing er um except for one glass of my favorite wine. Trust me when I say we are a military family, in a home that will be filled with single soldiers. Undoubtedly the soldiers will not think let me bring a pie or some soda or maybe some chips, but should I bring a 24 pack of beer or a fifth of liquor or maybe the new shooters...That will make for a very interesting game of Trivial Pursuit though, maybe I can actually win this time (the sports always get me).

Okay so now we are at the final challenge and weigh in!!!

When they started Anthony (6'0" tall) completed the fitness challenge in 3 minutes 25 seconds, Weighed in at 347lbs and measured Chest 54", Waist 62" Hip 60". Now Anthony completed the fitness challenge in 2minutes 18 seconds,Weighed in at 284 lbs and measured Chest 48", Waist 53" Hip 53". He knocked 1 minute and 7 seconds off of his time, lost 22" and 63 pounds.

When they started Marichu (5'0" tall) completed the fitness challenge in 3 minutes 39 seconds, Weighed in at 245 lbs and measured Chest 47", Waist 44", Hip 58". Now Marichu completed the fitness challenge in 2 minutes 25 seconds, Weighed in at 179 lbs and measured Chest 40", Waist 35", Hip 48". She knocked 1 minute 14 seconds off of her time, lost 26" and 66 pounds.

Now if Marichu doesn't feel successful, I don't know what will make her happy. This is like the first time I've ever seen a woman weigh less and lose more than a man...YOU GO MARICHU!!!
The best part is that one of their children said that while she does miss the takeout and junk food they used to eat she likes apples way more!

Goodnight folks and have a pleasant tomorrow. I am going to go catch some ZZZZZZs

Luv, Hugs and Smooches!!!


Skye's the Limit said...

We had gumbo tonight for dinner! My sil, who lives in CA and was raised in MS, thought it was downright hilarious that we were eating gumbo on a regular ole Tuesday evening! That's normal for us southerners! lol

I Watched X-Weighted today for the first time today! I really liked it. I was like you though, there is no way the wife is going to lose as much as the husband. Guess she fooled us, huh? LOL

At one point, I just wanted to slap the wife. She has serious issues! Ugh! No wonder the hubby was considering leaving!

Thankfully, her attitude did change by the end of the show.

But you know what? That show seriously motivated me! I said, hell, if she can lose 66 pounds in 6 months with her attitude, then I should have no problem. lol

You see, my birthday is right at my 6 month mark so 60 pounds or so would be just lovely. :o)

So, becasue of that show, I ended up walking twice today for a total of 90 minutes! And this is from the person who seriously has a major problem with the E-word. Check out my blog under LABELS for more details. ;o)

Diana said...

I can't believe that she was upset about losing weight! Some people are never happy and need something to complain about because of being unhappy. She needs therapy (not being mean or joking) or she'll just gain it back. That's too bad. I think I'll need to dvr it now...didn't even realize there was a show like that.

Wow - good luck in doing well! I miss being with our buddies at Sill...they were/are a bunch of great guys. I hope you have a good time :)

Anonymous said...

HAHA i love Xweighted I watched the same episode!