Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm Slimming down!

I always equate important moments good or bad to music. Usually I will "remix" a song. When I got on the scale yesterday, Mary J. Blige's voice popped in my head to the tune of I'm going down singing "I'm slimming dowwwn, I'm slimming dowwwwn, even with food aroooooound, baby! I am slimming riight dowwwn!" I know, I know, I'm a goofball. Anyway, I wanted to post and let you know I'm and dropping weight, staying on plan, working out etc. This time, I feel like I will be able to stay on track at least with diet because you get a call from a Jenny representative every week and they ask you how you are doing. I don't want to give someone, bad news and hey I love praise so its a win-win situation. I get told I am doing well and the rep gets to log that their client is doing well which makes them look and feel good. Shot out to Ernesto! I am so in love with the program. It is everything I need. Someone checking up on me helping me o make good choices and answering my questions and food that tastes really good! OBKB I am about to hit the gym so I will talk to yall later. Oh I will probably post again in a few days about my trip to the physical therapists...Oh so fun...not! As always,

Luv, Hugs and Smooches!!!


Diana said...

I never realized they looked in on you that much. How cool is that? Someone to keep you accountable? Totally great motivation (at least for me).

Congrats on the loss!

190in09 said...

You are crazy with the remix!!! LOL had to follow you here from SP! You are doin really good and Jenny is the thing for you! So go ahead and do your thing girl!

Scale Junkie said...

Love Mary J Blige, I think she'd approve of your remix!