Saturday, March 29, 2008

I actually feel good!

Okay so day two is here! I wokeup this morning feeling great. I usually am a little sluggish getting out of bed, but I popped right up. It was 9:30, but I didn't go to bed last night til 1ish. This "FastForward" 2 day diet is no joke though. (Maybe thats how I dropped 3lbs in a day) I tried to see if there was anything "extra" in that juice because I don't feel hungry. Nope just vitamins and such. It must be a mind over matter deal. Anywoo. I am off to the gym now.

I am commited, I am strong, I can do this.

I worked out today for 35 minutes. A mash up of different things, Yoga, Cardio, light Plyo, to this tape called Power 90 express. It was cool, I have a lot of energy!

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