Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back on NutriSystem!

Ok so today is the first day that I get to eat "real" food. I have planned out my food for the whole week! I am prepared! So today, I was SO tired. Doing the Power 90 workout was my first worout in 3 months. I had to get up and go to church though! Gotta get the spirit filled. Church was good, I'm feeling good, today is a nice day. I had NS Chocolate Chip granola bar (+++++), yougurt and some fruit for breaskfast. I had The NS chocolate milk drink (+++) a peice of of meat and salad for lunch. I will have yogurt and fruit for a snack and NS Pasta Fagioli (+++) salad and broccoli for dinner. To end it all I will have NS Carmel Crunch Popcorn (+++++) for "dessert." No workout today, its a rest day. 1400 Calories total intake.

Until tomorrow,

Happy Weightloss, hugs, and smooches!

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