Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hello Beautiful People...The kid is back

So today is Saturday and yes it has been like a whole month since my last post, but this is the journey I suppose. Trying to find time for me has been difficult and I am not even a mother yet! I feel like in doing all of the things I am "supposed" to do not only as a person, wife, ahem...military wife (please believe after they hit a certain rank you two become the package) are stressing me out. What stress equates to for me is salty and sour snacking. I have been trying to do the right thing and not eat emotionally. I find that when I don't, emotionally eat that is, when I do get around to making comfort foods I go WAAAAAYYYY over board. Am I the only on with that problem? I don't think so. So this is what I have done. We have a lot of food in our house that would be considered "junk" that I can't live without so to speak. We also have like a million sandwich baggies. So now as soon as I buy the product I split it into serving sizes and put them away. I am not allowing myself to eat in the kitchen, too much easy access to that which tempts me. So when I crave my treat I grab a baggy, indulge and have to wait 30 minutes before I get up and go back in the kitchen to throw the trash away. I find that if I do this, the craving is satisfied and I am less likely to overeat. So I guess that's is my tip for the day.

Anyway yall...Just wanted to check in with you. My weigh ins are going to be on Friday's now and that may be my only day to post and it may not, but I contractually obligated myself to post at least once a week and If I don't I have to do 100 squats (I hate them) a day the next week as a reminder to post. So either there will be a post or I will have thighs and glutes of steel. I just find that I do so much better on this journey when I blog.

Smooches and thank you for your support.


Anonymous said...

Thighs & glutes of Steel ... I may have to join you on those squats! Welcome back & thanks for stopping by. Good ideal with the baggies, might help keep temptation out of my way. Have a great week!

carla said...

Im with you on the splitting into baggies and really just LAUGH when friends lecture me on the wastefulness (and HEY I DO reuse the baggies :))

and the mamathing?

I almost find it easier to make time now. its more of a NEED TO MAKE IT A CONSCIOUS CHOICE and get the time where I can...