Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So today had to be the worst work day I have ever had. I can't go into it due to HIPPA law, but t was just bad. OMG!!! I wish I could talk about it. I know yall would freak out. Anyway the god thing about it is that I didn't cheat at all. I pack everything I am going to eat for the day in my gym bag with a bunch of those frozen block thingys and that's all I had. I only keep enough money on me for my daily gift (aka cheat), a bottle of water for my crystal light. Which I didn't even have. So I am still on track and on plan. Oh, Saturday got canceled because of hurricane Ike. Hopefully it doesn't do any damage to any of the gulf states. Okeetay, well I am emotionally drained and swear I smell cookies baking...I am officially losing it! I am going to go to bed early and start tomorrow fresh...Pray for me.

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