Monday, July 7, 2008

On Vacation Finally got online....

So I've been on vacation up to Northern Maine for the past little bit. We are visiting my husbands family up here. We have been having a great time so far. I can honestly say that in our almost 6 years of being together This is the best trip yet! So anyhow this IS a weight loss blog, but his grandmother is a cook that you don't say no to so...yes the rumors are true I have gained!!! Not too much just about 5 or 6 pounds so far, but we still have a few days left here. I haven't been able to get a good workout in because we don't have a gym here and we are in the country (BUGS!!!). I get back on Friday and will be starting the plan all over again. I found a workout regimen on Muscle and Fitness Hers that I am going to try. My diet at home has been pretty good so I am going to stick with that. The other thing I notice is that the more I blog about it the better I do. So I will stop the blogging when ever I feel like it and start doing it everyday when I get back home. The few readers I have keep me lets keep that going. I do owe you a picture...I'll post that on Saturday as Day 1...again. Well I am off to eat lunch...Turkey some salad and probably so fiddle heads (a Maine thing, kind of like greens...sort of) OK people love you lots talk to to you Saturday.

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